1976 Corvette

Owner:  Joyce Marshall

This C3 Corvette belongs to a repeat customer. Joyce Marshall had a vision in her mind when she purchased this 1976 Stingray off of the internet. The car had a previously tough life. It had been stolen and recovered as well as spent most of its life in the harsh northern environment. Joyce and her husband James are Corvette aficionados and have several in their stable. Joyce wanted a brand new Corvette wrapped in a C3 body. We started with a SRIII chassis with C5 suspension and a Dodge Viper Rear added a new crate LS3 connect and 4l70E transmission. Just about everything metal on the car has been replaced or repaired as the original metal structure was corroded and rusted beyond salvage. She would like this to be a modern interpretation of the famed Baldwin Motion Corvettes of the 60’s. Joyce even went so far as designing her own wheels to be cut by Mike Curtis at Curtis Speed.